Vresh FAQ

Q: What is Vresh?

A: Vresh is a 360 social media company dedicated to providing a space for 360 creators and enthusiasts. Whereas the world of 2D video and photography spaces is vast, there is yet to exist a social media space for 360 content and creations. Vresh is the community that holds the key to 360’s future.

Q: How do I create an account on Vresh?

A: To create a Vresh account:
  1. Download the Vresh app from the iTunes App Store
  2. Once installed, tap the Vresh logo to get started!
  3. Go to the sign up page, enter in your personal credentials and press the sign up button.
  4. Customize, measure and improve our services, content and advertising;
  5. From there, start enjoying awesome content from around the world!

Q: Which devices are compatible with Vresh?

A: Vresh is compatible with iPhone 7 and higher and requires a minimum iOS 11.4 for maximum functionality. We do not currently have a web version of the Vresh social network.

Q: Do i need a VR viewer to see 360 videos on Vresh?

A: Nope! Although VR viewers or VR glasses will enhance your viewing experience, you can also watch any video in 360 degrees and swipe it with your finger to navigate around. You can also use VR mode on any video to experience it with a virtual reality viewer.

Q: What kind of camera can I use with Vresh?

A: Although any 360 camera can record compatible videos for upload to Vresh, the Go Live and Private Call features within Vresh require an Insta360 camera. You can get one here: https://store.insta360.com/product/nanos

Q: Where can I buy a 360 camera?

A: 360 cameras can be found on just about any retail electronics store (i.e. Best Buy) or website (i.e. Amazon, Ebay etc.). Check out our blog post on 360 cameras under $100. https://blog.vresh.com/2018/08/07/the-top-4-best-360-cameras-for-under-100/

Q: How can I contact Vresh?

A: You can email us anytime. We are available at info@vrenetic.com

Q: How can I report harassment and/or abusive behavior?

A: If you or anyone you know experiences harassment or cyberbullying, you should immediately report the user and/or the post so that our team can take appropriate action. You can do this within the app (“Report Abuse” during a video capsule playback and from your profile “Report a Problem”) or by emailing us directly at info@vrenetic.com